XBKPLO Summer Beach Simple Sunglasses Polarized for Women Frameless Transparent Eyewear Party Fashion Accessories Glasses Sports UV400 Unisex

XBKPLO Summer Beach Simple Sunglasses Polarized for Women Frameless Transparent Eyewear Party Fashion Accessories Glasses Sports UV400 Unisex

XBKPLO Summer Beach Simple Sunglasses Polarized for Women Frameless Transparent Eyewear Party Fashion Accessories Glasses Sports UV400 Unisex Rating:
List Price: $1.90
Sale Price: $1.90
Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 business days

Product Description

Sunglasses Are Designed for Driving, Cycling and all Outdoor Activities.
Lens Made of Shatterproof Unbreakable PC Material are Durable Enough for Long Time Using
Glasses structure: framework
Style: Sports /casual
Frame Material: PC
Anti-UV grade: UV400
Color as shown.
100% high quality glasses, let you put it down.
We have 8 colors to choose from.
New frameless transparent sunglasses, European and American candy color sunglasses, worth having

Package Includes:
1X Sports sunglasses.
Packing: one glasses bag.

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