Typhoon Men’s Mariner Ii +2.5 Polarized Iridium Rimless, Black/Aquaview 2 Meridian Blue, 78 mm

Typhoon Mariner II Reader Sunglass +2.5 lens power Meridian Blue Ultra-Glare Polarized

Typhoon Mariner II Reader Sunglass +2.5 lens power Meridian Blue Ultra-Glare Polarized Rating:
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Product Description

The Mariner II reader sunglasses are much more than just reading glasses. Mariner II lightweight polycarbonate frame provides a comfortable fit. The adjustable nosepads allows you to further customize the fit. Our exclusive AquaView II lenses come in horizon grey, sunset brown and Meridian blue - all provide you with 100% UV protection from harmful ultraviolet rays and polarization which blocks reflected glare. Typhoon's Aquaview II lens has all the features of our AquaView hydrophobic, polarized sunglass lens. The addition of magnification to aid in reading small text or focusing on small detailed objects at close range has transfomed these sunglasses into bifocal readers. AquaView II bifocal lenses are available in reading lens magnification powers of +1.5, +2.0 and +2.5. The AquaView II lens is better than your standard bifocal reading lens. First of all, it is a double injected polycarbonate lens. Secondly, the reading lens is practically invisible - from a distance of a few feet away it's barely noticeable. Next, the AquaView II lens guards against harmful uv rays with its UV 400 rating, plus it blocks reflected glare with polarized filtration. Backed by a lifetime warranty, it beats other bifocal sun readers. You've probably been annoyed when you need to take off your sunglasses and then put on your reading glasses. If you normally wear reading glasses to read text or for magnification purposes, and you wear sunglasses when you go outdoors, it can be a hassle. Many people voice their frustration in having to juggle the two pairs of glasses to handle these tasks. With Typhoon's polarized sun readers, finally, you won't need to deal with that hassle any more. You can wear them inside for reading or outside in the sun. And if you're outside and need to read a map, label, or just magnify your close-range view, you'll no longer have to take of your sunglasses and switch to your readers, because - guess what - they're already on!


  • AquaView II Water Repellent - Smudge Proof - Anti Static Lens
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Integrated bifocal reading lenses
  • 100% UV Protection
  • Unbreakable Injected Polycarbonate Lenses

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