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Polarized Night Driving Glasses,Unisex Anti Glare Night Vision Glasses For Driving Fisihing (Day Sunglasses-1)

Polarized Night Driving Glasses,Unisex Anti Glare Night Vision Glasses For Driving Fisihing (Day Sunglasses-1) Rating:
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▷Not Designed To Be Worn Over Prescription Eyewear.

▷ Our night vision glasses are for the purpose to weaken the strong light stimulus from
vehicles from the opposite side but not to completely eliminate the light, otherwise, it will
bring more danger when driving.

▷Being not military night vision goggles, It is just for helping to improve vision brightness
on cloudy or rainy day with poor light condition, rather than enabling you to see things
even without any light.

1. Put the glasses in front of LCD screen and look through the lens.
2. Turn the glasses 45 degrees.
3. You will notice the color has changed. The light coming through should have been
blocked, this means the lenses are polarized.
4. Note: Only the yellow night vision lenses are for regularly using at night.

Package Includes:
1. Glasses*1
2. High-End Spectacle Case*1
3. Soft Cleaning Cloth*1
4. Soft Glasses Pouch*1
5. Instructions*1
6. Service card*1


  • POLARIZED LENSES --The use of special polarized lenses, 100% UV400 and harmful UVA, UVB ray protection, to a certain extent, alleviate eye fatigue. effectively blocks light from roads and snow. Effectively protect your eyes from light damage. Long-term use can prevent cataracts, snow blindness, etc.
  • UNISEX DESIGN & PERFECT GIFT - Our glasses are designed for both men and women. The rich style gives ages between 20-70 to choose a pair of glasses that suits them. In addition, we use exquisite gift packaging, which is ideal for birthdays, admissions or Valentine's Day.
  • ALUMINUM MAGNESIUNM METAL FRAME - The frame material is made of aluminum-magnesium alloy, light weight but without losing the metal texture, even if it is used for a long time under the strong light of the sun, it will not be deformed or discolored, and it is not easy to break. Best forMotorcycle.And Cycling Bicycle, Driving, Running, Fishing,Racing, Skiing and Climbing, Trekking Or Other Outdoor Activities Enthusiasts.
  • FIT ALL FACES - The nose pads of the glasses can be manually adjusted according to the height of each person's nose, the curvature of the frame can also be fine-tuned, the design of the elastic legs can also be applied to users with wider or littler faces .A good fit makes the glasses less likely to fall off.
  • 30 DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - The U.S. trademark registration number is 5104827. Brand named after German Lens with more than 20 years' history.Buy with confidence! Authorized Retailer. Authenticity Guaranteed. We guarantee a 30 days' unconditional return and 120 days free maintenance.

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