Polarized Bifocal Sun Reader Sunglasses 2.5 with Premium 12mm TAC Polarized Lenses and Tr90 Frame. Free Microfiber Cleaning Case Included.

proSPORT Polarized Bifocal Sunglasses +2.50 Smoke Lens Black Frame Men and Women

proSPORT Polarized Bifocal Sunglasses +2.50 Smoke Lens Black Frame Men and Women Rating:
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Product Description

Premium wrap around polarized bifocal sunglasses combine sport sunglasses and sun reader bifocals. They provide a perfect 180 degree wrap around your face to block out wind, dust and harmful UV rays. Equipped with TR90 frames, they are durable, flexible and lightweight. Non-slip, rubber nose pads and ear pieces provide extra comfort and snug fit. With convenient sunglasses with bifocals, you can enjoy outdoor activities such as golfing, cycling, fishing, driving, riding motorcycle or reading by the pool. TAC polarized lenses are thicker and durable than regular polarized lenses. Polarization also eliminates all glare to provide ultra clear vision. Fits Small to Medium Head Sizes. Free proSPORTsunglass microfiber cleaning case included for each pair.


  • POLARIZED LENSES: Eliminates glare from shiny objects such as chrome bumpers, mirrors, & water. Polarized bifocal sunglasses are great for fishing. The lenses will cut through glare so you can see the hungry fish beneath the surface
  • LIGHT WEIGHT & COMFORTABLE: Constructed of TR90 thermoplastic, these frames are so lightweight you will barely notice they are on. These sunglasses will be excellent for those long road trips, playing 18 holes of golf, or spending a day at the beach.
  • IMPACT RESISTANT POLYCARBONATE LENSES: Eye protection should always be a priority. Polycarbonate is impact resistant, virtually unbreakable and extremely scratch resistant. Have you tried to break a CD (compact disc) before? It can't be done! CDs are made of polycarbonate.
  • NON-SLIP RUBBER NOSE & EAR PIECES: If you want to be on top of your game, you will need sunglasses that won't slide off your nose, or fly off in the wind. If you sweat, ordinary plastic nosepieces will slip & hinder your performance. Rubber nose & ear pieces are soft & comfortable.
  • WHAT ARE BIFOCAL SUNGLASSES?:  Bifocal tinted glasses are sunglasses with single powered reading inserted ONLY on the lower portion of the lenses. Functional bifocal sun readers are perfect for outdoor reading, driving, outdoor sports and distance viewing. You do not need to switch bifocal glasses and sunglasses.

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