LR Polarized 80’s Retro Classic Trendy Stylish Sunglasses for Men Women 53mm NCS004 (Matt Black/Orange)

LR Polarized Men's Classic Trendy Stylish Sunglasses for Beach NCS004(Matt Black/Orange)

LR Polarized Men's Classic Trendy Stylish Sunglasses for Beach NCS004(Matt Black/Orange) Rating:
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Product Description

What are polarized lenses?


They are lenses that have been made with special light absorbing filters that block horizontal light waves and allows only vertical light rays through. As a result, polarized lenses reduces the harshness of glare from the sun's rays when it bounces off of smooth reflective surfaces, such as a pond or the hood of a car. LORETO ROSA  polarized lenses give you a much sharper view of your surroundings with less strain on your eyes.


Why use polarized lenses?


Not only are LORETO ROSA  polarized lenses effective at reducing the sun's glare, but all LORETO ROSA  polarized lenses are also designed to keep out UVA / UVB rays as well. They can help prevent damage to your vision from a variety of eye diseases related to ultraviolet radiation, including:





Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD)

Photokeratitis or Ultraviolet Keratitis


What will I see when I look through the color lenses?


Everything you see will be slightly tinted to the color of lens you select.


Will my eyes be visible to others when I am wearing LORETO ROSA  sunglasses?


It depends on the type of lens you are using and the lighting of your surroundings. In most cases, LORETO ROSA  sunglasses will hide your eyes and cannot be seen by other people.


  • ♥DIMENTIONS: Lens Width:53mm(2.08 inch);Lens Height:42mm(1.65 inch);Bridge:19mm(0.75 inch);Temple:145 mm(5.70 inch)
  • ♥PORLARIZED LENS:100% UV400 protection Polarized lenses / Multiple lens layer technology enables polarization, durability, UV protection and shatterproof features
  • ♥PRACTICAL/DURABLE: Paintless Reinforced Metal Hinges For Everyday Durability .This style Sunglasses can offer clear vision, impact resistant with thin lightweight frames, 10 times stronger than other plastic and glass lenses., Features scratch resistant &durable
  • ♥Available in a wide variety of frame colors and lenses in faded gradient, HD, amber day and night driving and assorted color mirror coatings.
  • ♥365 Days GUARANTEE:100% satisfaction guaranteed, First Choice as A Gift. Unisex Style. With the accessories. Good for Driving & All OutDoor Activities for all Day; Limited Time Special Pricing and Elegant Glasses Accessories for Free.

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