Gascan Replacement Lenses Polarized Red Mirror by SEEK fits OAKLEY Sunglasses

SeekOptics Replacement Lenses for Oakley Gascan Polarized Red Mirror UV400

SeekOptics Replacement Lenses for Oakley Gascan Polarized Red Mirror UV400 Rating:
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Product Description

Compatible with Oakley Gascan

UV Protection: 100% UV400

Lens Size: 60 mm X 35 mm

Impact Resistance: Exceeds FDA, ANSI Z80.3 & EN 1836 Standards

Coatings: Anti-Oil, Anti-Water, Anti-Dust & Scratch Resistant Coating


Package Includes: 1 Set of Lenses

Available Colors for most Models: Black, Brown, G-15 Green, Black Iridium, Silver Mirror, Blue Mirror, Red Mirror, Green Mirror, Gold Mirror, Purple Mirror, Clear, Hi Intensity Yellow, Purple Gradient, Hi Intensity Pink, Hi Intensity Blue, Hi Intensity Green

1 Year Warranty against Manufacturer's Defects

Lens Care: Please avoid salt water, sea water, pool water and soapy water. Do not use chlorine or alcohol-based cleaners. Take care to clean with clear water and a soft microfiber cloth.

Shipped within 1 Business Day

Made by Seek Optics

**Please note: Purchase does not include frame**

Seek Optics is a manufacturer and distributor of replacement sunglasses lens only and does not offer, market, or sell replica or counterfeit products. Seek Optics is not affiliated with any manufacturers mentioned on this site. All references to trademarks or brands on this website or elsewhere belong solely to said respective trademark owners.


  • Compatible with Oakley Gascan - 24-028, 24-061, 24-082, 24-050, 24-083, 24-146, 24-166, 24-290, 24-296, 24-003, 24-363, 24-400, 24-405, 24-430, 24-412, 26-246, 26-245, 26-244, 11-192, 11-122, 11-015, 12-703, 12-694, 12-777, 12-782, 12-785, 12-768, 12-744, 12-796, 12-856, 12-769, 12-748, 12-706, 12-767, 12-723, 12-732, 12-855, 12-892, 12-863, 12-774, 12-774L1, 12-784, 12-759, 12-720, 12-713, 12-705, 12-891
  • 53-098, 53-083, 53-113, 53-112, 53-109, 53-108, 53-111, 53-110, 115, 125, 03-476, 03-474, 03-472, 03-473, 03-481, 03-482, 03-470, 03-483, 03-471, 42-550, 12-150GB series, 12-151GB series, 12-152GB series, OO9143 series, OO9014 series, Not Including Asian Fit Version
  • SAVE MONEY: Revive your scratched sunglasses with affordable replacement parts guaranteed to fit your frame perfectly; easy to change and install. Versatile lens tints, great color perception and anti-fatigue qualities. Interchangeable parts and unlimited color combinations let you express your mood and personal style. Perfect for driving, baseball, tennis, football or soccer! Designed and tested in the USA
  • SAFETY FIRST: Impact Resistant lenses meet and exceed FDA and ANSI standards; Avoid Eye Strain: 100% UV Protection; Made with quality materials with excellent optical clarity and reduced glare. Guaranteed to be defect and distortion-free. All lenses come with hydrophobic, oleophobic and scratch-resistant coatings
  • PLEASE NOTE: All Mirrored and Iridium lenses on the market are delicate and the mirrored finish can fade or scratch. For intense use (job sites, near salt or chlorinated water, extreme sports) we recommend plain, non-mirrored lenses like our Black, Brown or G-15 Green. Lens Care: Please avoid saltwater, seawater, pool water, sunscreen and harsh soaps. Do not use chlorine or alcohol-based cleaners. Clean with fresh water and a soft microfiber cloth. SUNGLASSES NOT INCLUDED WITH PURCHASE

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