Elle Uk ( May 2014 )

Elle Uk ( May 2014 )

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Rita Ora - her first ELLE cover, at the ELLE Style Awards in February - an exclusive look! As one of the UK's most in-demand talents, Rita - as shot by Thomas Whiteside - creates a bold statement. On the newsstand cover she wears a Dior skirt with a Cartier bracelet. But it's her tattoo, 'Rosetta', that takes centre stage. 'It's based on an original piece by Alberto Vargas, who was an incredible illustrator in the 1930s. He was one of the creators of the pin-up image. That's our build, our power,' she explains. 'That's why I was obsessed with it; learning what men don't understand about women and what women don't understand about men. I was obsessed with the painting a long time ago, and then I got it done six months ago. 'I just love pretty things, whether it is art, a song or a pair of shoes.' Ever one to push the boundaries, Rita also stars in a video first for a UK magazine - wearing Google Glass to effectively shoot her own behind-the-cover video.


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