Eagle Eyes Men’s Pro-Master Pano-Vu Sports Wrap Polarized Sunglasses,Gunmetal/Silver Flash Mirror, 65mm

Eagle Eyes Pro-Master Gs-2 Gunmetal Polarized Wrap, 65 mm

Eagle Eyes Pro-Master Gs-2 Gunmetal Polarized Wrap, 65 mm Rating:
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Product Description

Eagle Eyes High-Performance Sunglasses were developed from Original NASA Optic Technology and are worn by millions of people around the world who enjoy the protective vision-enhancing benefits without compromising style. Designed for people who are concerned with eye health and want an optimal visual experience.

Eyewear that is developed from original NASA optic technology, and designed by replicating oil droplets found in the eyes of eagles. Award-Winning TriLenium Lens Technology has Original UV and Blue Light Blocking Sunglasses that offers "dual action" benefits to block out 99.9% harmful UVA, UVB and vision destroying Blue-Light and allows in selective vision-enhancing light rays. Now you can see clearer and farther than ever before. Ideal for golfers who depend on superb definition and contrast both on and off the course.

The only brand certified by the Space Foundation for UVA, UVB and blue-light protection. Eagle Eyes technology was inducted into the Space Foundation's Space Technology Hall of Fame. Truly a company committed to improving people's lives through their visual experiences, high-performance glasses for sun protection, night driving and for digital glare.

> Eagle Eyes Pro Master PanoVu Polarized sunglasses are semi-rimmed gunmetal grey metal framed sports sunglasses with TriLenium silver flash mirrored lenses for complete UVA, UVB, and blue-light protection resulting in superior vision enhancement. Lens: W 40 mm Bridge: 15 mm Arm: 120 mm Each pair includes a black protective storage case and lens cleaning kit.


  • VISION ENHANCEMENT: The patented TriLenium 10 lenses block out 99.9% of UV rays while allowing in vision-enhancing light. Resulting in better contrast, higher definition, and vivid imagery
  • VERSATILITY: Whether you are looking for a great pair of golf sunglasses or whatever your polarized sunglass needs maybe, these multi-sport sunglasses are the right choice
  • UNISEX: Blade sunglasses for men or sunglasses for women, either way by far one of the best polarized wrap sports sunglasses on the market backed by NASA certified technology
  • LEADING EDGE: Developed from NASA optic technology, by replicating oil droplets found in the eyes of eagles. Blue-light blocking lenses that perform in even the harshest environment of space
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Semi-rimmed gunmetal grey metal frames with silver flash mirror lenses. Lens: W 40 mm Bridge: 15 mm Arm: 120 mm Includes protective case for storage

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