Classic Aviator Sports Car F1 Inspired Sunglasses – For Men and Women Drivers

Classic Aviator Sports Car F1 Inspired Sunglasses - For Men and Women Drivers

Classic Aviator Sports Car F1 Inspired Sunglasses - For Men and Women Drivers Rating:
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Honor The Legendary Michael Andretti & See Through His Eyes To Unleash Your Full Potential. The Road Belongs To You.

From Formula One, CART, IndyCar, NASCAR and hundreds more races, Andretti is the ultimate expert when it comes to race driving.

Andretti's heritage has just been expanded from memorable wins to an Exclusive Eyewear collection that marries style with performance, the past with the present.

Motivate Yourself To Reach The Top With The Pilota Aviator Sunglasses By Andretti, A Name Synonymous With Success.

No matter if you are a professional race car driver, an experienced aviator, a World Sportscar Championship fan, or simply a lover of classic elegant eyewear, these Military style sunglasses will become your most valuable asset.

Designed to exceed your expectations, the Pilota Airforce sunglasses feature:

Hand Shaped Acetate Frames - Supreme durability and bendable design for customized fit
Gradient Lenses - The gradual shift in tint protects your eyes from the sun and allows better visibility at the bottom of the lens
CR39 Lenses - Safeguard your eyes against UVA and UVB ray
Non Polarized Lenses - Eliminates glare and reflection for comfortable driving. Unlike polarized sunglasses, Pilota provides clear vision for digital display systems, like HUD and GPS
Timeless Design - A silhouette with changing levels that creates unique lines, and a transcending body that fits any man or woman

Experience the Motorsports Hall of Fame in your own way!
Invest In The Limited Edition Andretti Aviator Optics & Make Yourself A Part Of The Motorsport Legacy Before It Is Too Late. Order Yours Today!


  • INSPIRED BY A LEGEND - DESIGNED FOR ANY RACE CAR LOVER: In the exquisite world of racing and speed the name Andretti, whose winning legacy transcends motorsports, can only be praised and honored. From Andretti to any driver who is into Indycar, Formula One, Nascar, luxurious cars or devoted to Aviation, these High-end Sunglasses are the ideal match. Available only in an extremely limited amount, the Pilota Driver Glasses are the perfect combination of history, quality and uniqueness.
  • EXCELLENT CRAFTSMANSHIP ALL THE WAY: These great Pilot Sunglasses feature Hand Shaped Acetate Frames that guarantee supreme durability and great fit. Deigned to suit different facial shapes, you can bend the rims, arms and earpieces for the perfect customized fit. Along with the hand riveted pin-through hinges and their ultra lightweight construction, these Premium Military Style Sunglasses will be your best ally in Motorsports and Driving.
  • GRADIENT LENSES FOR SUPREME PROTECTION: Unlike any other materihey are also extremely impact and scratch resistance. The Carlal, CR39 lenses offer the highest degree of protection against damaging UVA and UVB ray (Lens width: 50.8 millimeters) of the Pilot Eyewear shields your eyes against long term sun damage and provides clear, comfortable vision making them the perfect choice for driving, Aviation or any other activity that could strain or harm your eyes. Ban UV
  • CRYSTAL CLEAR VISION FOR OPTIMAL DRIVING: The Andretti non - Polarized Aviators Sunglasses have been carefully designed to improve your vision by minimizing reflection and glare even from the harshest sunlight. Ideal for any Man or Woman Driver, these Classic Aviator Sunglasses help you drive with comfort and safety. Coming in 5 great colors with different variations of lens tint, you can definitely find the one that best fits your unique needs.
  • LUXURIOUS CARRYING CASE TO SEAL THE DEAL: The Andretti F1 Driver Sunglasses come with a luxurious suede carrying case and a lens cleaning cloth to keep your Driving Shades always spotless. Your new Aviator Sunglasses are also delivered in a high quality packaging that makes them a perfect gift idea for any Motorsport and Car Sportswear enthusiast. Fashion may change, but the value of a timeless pair of Pilot Sunglasses never does. Be a part of a great legacy - Order yours today!

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