Cable Matters 2-Pack 2 Slot Polarized Power Cord (2 Slot Power Cable) 10 Feet (NEMA 1-15P to IEC C7)

Cable Matters 2-Pack 2 Slot Polarized Power Cord (2 Slot Power Cable) 10 Feet (NEMA 1-15P to IEC C7)

Cable Matters 2-Pack 2 Slot Polarized Power Cord (2 Slot Power Cable) 10 Feet (NEMA 1-15P to IEC C7) Rating:
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Product Description

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2-Pack of Replacement Cables
The Cable Matters 18 AWG Figure-8 Polarized AC power cord is the ideal replacement for a lost or short factory cord. It is universally compatible with small appliances and electronics that have a polarized 2-slot receptacle. Directly connect a longer power cord instead of attaching a separate extension cord.

Safe and Reliable with a Lifetime Warranty
The combination of 18 AWG gauge conductors, a 7 amp/125 volt rating, and connectors with molded strain relief provides a safe and reliable extension cord. This power cable is backed by a lifetime warranty and product support for peace of mind when purchasing.

Important Notes
- Check your device, polarized figure-8 receptacles have 1 flat side
- Check the voltage and amp rating of your equipment to ensure compatibility

AC Power Cord Specifications
- Type: SPT-2 Conductor AC Power Cord
- Power Connector: 2-Prong NEMA 1-15P Power Plug Male
- Device Connector: 2-Slot IEC603320-C7 Female (Polarized)
- Wire Gauge: 18 AWG
- Amp Rating: 7A max
- Voltage Rating: 125V max

Package Contents
2 x 18 AWG Figure-8 Polarized Power Cord

Limited Lifetime Warranty and Product Support


  • FIGURE 8 POLARIZED POWER CORD replaces a misplaced or short factory TV polarized power cord; Connect a TV, modem, router, speakers or sewing machine an IEC 60320-C7 connector; port; Difficult to find cable is also referred to as Figure of 8 cable with a polarized receptacle because of the flat side
  • 18 AWG GAUGE POLARIZED power cable is rated for 7 amps and up to 125 volts to support current and older model equipment that uses two conductor polarized power cords; Flexible AC power cord has fully molded strain relief connectors with easy-grip features to provide long life, durability and ease of use; Check the plug on your equipment to verify that one side has a flat polarized side
  • COST-EFFECTIVE 2-PACK of replacement power cords provides a spare cable to leave in place in hard to reach areas; A lifetime warranty and product support are included with polarized power cable for peace of mind when purchasing
  • SAFE & RELIABLE CONSTRUCTION with a standard NEMA 1-15P two-pronged power plug with a wide safety face and a 2 slot C7 Figure 8 polarized connector; SPT-2 7A/125V rating easily supports the power needs of an LED TV or PlayStation PS1 or PS2
  • UNIVERSAL 2 SLOT POLARIZED COMPATIBILITY with certain models of consumer products such as the Comcast Xfinity X1 cable box, Verizon Fios DVR, Sony PlayStation PS1/PS2, Vizio and Sharp TVs, sewing machines from Brother and Singer, Holmes fan replacement cord, certain models of Bose speakers, and older CD players

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