Baby Banz Adventure BANZ Kidz – Pacific Blue

Baby Banz Adventure BANZ Kidz - Pacific Blue

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Baby Banz Adventure Banz Kidz - Black Tattoo Adventure BanZ improve on our Original Baby Banz by adding an embedded silicone nose and brow piece for added comfort! Baby Banz were originally designed in Australia for one of the world's toughest UV environments. Clinically tested by one of the world's leading authorities on sunglasses, Baby Banz have passed the most stringent standards on sunglasses in the world. Category 3 lenses offer high sunglare reduction and good UV protection Durable polycarbonate Ophthalmic quality Capable of being replaced with prescription lenses Neoprene elastic strap matches chosen color of sunglasses and allows for flexibility, breath-ability, and comfort Side adjustable Velcro allows for years of wear as the child grows Frame is made of shatter-resistant polycarbonate Sporty, sleek design Made in Taiwan


  • Baby Banz Adventure Sunglasses
  • Colour blue
  • 100% uv protection
  • Super tough
  • Suitable for children aged 2-5 years

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