Aviator Sunglasses for Men-wearpro Classic Polarized Premium Military Style Classic Fashion Metal Glasses 100% UV400 Ultraviolet Protection

Night Driving Glasses Safety Glasses -wearpro Antiglare Polarized Retro Mens Sunglasses for Men Cycling Fishing (Blackblack)

Night Driving Glasses Safety Glasses -wearpro Antiglare Polarized Retro Mens Sunglasses for Men Cycling Fishing (Blackblack) Rating:
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Product Description

Why you need a Night Driving Glasses?
Poor Vision is One of the Greatest Safety Risks When Driving at night or cloudy, fog, rainy days.

There are 5 Factors of Night Driving Issues:
Not being able to see road signs clearly;
Inability to judge distance and speed;
Struggling to read car instruments, GPS screens or maps;
Difficulty adapting to glare from headlights;
Experiencing a loss of side vision

Night Driving Glasses made of yellow lens which can effectively reduce night driving glare and eye strain, enhance night vision, improve color clarity and optical definition, enable to see clear when driving at night or cloudy, rainy days, making driving more safety .
Night Driving Glasses are perfect for night driving at night, fog, cloudy, rainy driving and outdoor sports wear, can effectively enhance the bright color, clarity, so that the surrounding scenery is more bright and clear, make driving more safer.

There are 5 advantages of wearpro Night Driving Glasses :
Timeless, classic and fashion rimmed design
Lightweight and durable aluminum frame
Night Driving Glasses has Yellow Polarized lens help eliminate reflected and scattered glares
Resistant to corrosion, skin-friendly, non-irritating
Men's everyday Night Driving Glasses
Night Driving Glasses is the Driver's best gift
Lens Width: 63mm/2.48inches
Lens Height: 39mm/1.54inches
Frame Length: 144mm/5.67inches
Bridge Width: 17mm/0.67inches
Arms Length: 135mm/5.32inches

1x Night Driving Glasses
1x Soft Night Driving Glasses Cloth
1x Screwdriver
1x Zipper Case
1x polarizing test cardboard
1x latch catch
1x Night Driving Glasses soft bag


  • 99% UV400 Protection (99% UVA UVB Protection)---wearpro Night Driving Glasses has high quality TAC polarized lenses are impact-resistant ultra-light, provide 99.9 percent UV protection, are scratch resistant, and are easy to care for
  • High Quality Yellow Polarized Lens---wearpro Night Driving Glasses made of yellow polarised lenses, which can reduce glare significantly from headlights and street lights, you can wear them while driving, running, cycling at night, help reduce glare, increase visual acuity and minimize natural blind spots,increases safety significantly
  • Comfortable Wearing Experience --- wearpro Night Driving Glasses made of the high quality aluminum-magnesium frame makes it very light. These Night Vision Glasses for Driving have made by nighttime driving so much more comfortable, with far less strain on your eyes
  • Exquisite packaging--wearpro Night Driving Glasses comes in a zipper case,with Soft sunglasses Cloth and bag, polarizing test cardboard etc
  • Product Maintenance: Don't use alcohol or any other chemicals to clean the Night Driving Glasses, to avoid surface broken. So regular cleaning maintenance by water is suggested, to make sure good quality could be kept and life time extended

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